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Kids in the Kitchen/Garden


All was a hush at the end of Term 3, we had some very special visitors coming to Bungwahl Public School.

"We have some new kids coming to school today," exclaimed Mr Kelly.

"Who are they?" "Where are they from?" the children asked curiously.

Imagine their surprise when in drove two wonderful ladies, Pat and Margaret, with six mighty fine looking goats. Understandably, at first the babies stole the show, they were so cute and tame and sometimes very unpredictable. Slurping on their bottles the children giggled and shared the pleasure of hand feeding.











Our Milking Master Class

With their udders looking ready to burst it was time for our harvest.

"Who would like to have a go at milking?"

Like a bolt of lightning Mackenzie, one of our kindies was up the front ready for some action. (I was impressed!)  After the goat had tried to kiss her, she dove in and proceeded to be a master milker!

One by one the children lined up and had a go at milking. Then with their buckets full of milk and a bountiful harvest of strawberries we were off to the kitchen to whip up and share strawberry tarts with lashings of strawberry goat's yogurt. There was so much milk we froze some for the weeks to follow, creating yummy native raspberry smoothies.


So often in the kitchen we cook with butter, cream, milk, yogurt, cheese with the presumption that milk from the cow is best. In this day and age with the increase of childhood allergies on the rise, this is no longer necessarily true.

Goat's and cow's milk are nutritionally similar, though definitely not equal. The main difference being that goat's milk has smaller fat globules and a closer protein composition to human milk. This helps to lessen the strain on a child's immature digestive system. Consequently, goat's milk may reduce the possibility of allergies,  asthma and other ailments. On average, goat's milk contains more calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, potassium, niacin, chloride, copper, phosphorous, manganese and selenium.

No wonder these days milk products from goats and buffalo are becoming more and more popular. I chose to use goats with the kids in the garden, as I just couldn't seem to get my hands on a buffalo!

Nikki Dixon

Kitchen/Garden Specialist

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Bungwahl Public School