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Learning Healthy Life Skills


Learning Healthy Life Skills

Well I must say the most popular part of Stephanie Alexander's program here at Bungwahl Public School seems to be the sharing, ie the whole school sitting down together after a big cook up and simply enjoying the simple things in life. These children never stop surprising me with the things they will try.... reminding me to not be limited by my presumptions.


Everything we make is always made from scratch, teaching the kids essential life skills that they will carry with them through the rest of their lives.








"What have we cooked ?"

The amazing tastes we cook in the kitchen totally revolve around what is growing in our garden at that time. So our menus change with the seasons. In summer and autumn, with an abundance of tomatoes, capsicu m and fresh herbs, the children have made preserves and feasted on hand made ravioli and pasta made with ‘the girls' fresh eggs.  These seasons also produced an abundance of basil and garlic which created a divine nut-free pesto. This proved to be a favourite with the children and teachers, especially drizzled over Stephanie's tomato tarts. Our freshly harvested corn made the most delicious creamed corn and corn fritters served with lashings of goat's labna on flat bread.




As we moved into winter and the temperature cooled down we harvested broccoli, cauliflower and coriander making fresh carbonara, soup and quiches.  Not forgetting deserts occasionally, our garden has provided us with oranges, mandarins and strawberries. The children have whipped up orange cakes with orange syrup, mandarin syrup, strawberry ice cream, cheesecake and meringues. They  were recently very excited to see the blueberry flowers turning into fruit. Time to research blueberry recipes kids! What will we be cooking?




Nikki Dixon

Kitchen/Garden Specialist

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

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