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Practical Maths



Practical Maths In The Kitchen Garden

Harvest & Weigh (Kinder-Year 2). I love Friday's here at Bungwahl Public School. The children's happy smiling faces, all standing in a line at the top of the garden, so eager to harvest.

"What are we harvesting today?" This never fails to be the first question from someone's lips.

"Can we check for eggs?" a close second.

The children were so excited this week to finally find eggs. It was like the Easter Bunny had been. (With the girls recently moulting, they have been off the lay.)

With their baskets full of broccoli and eggs, it was off to the kitchen to heft and weigh their harvest. 




The outcome:

Broccoli:  1.25 kgs

14 eggs

Interesting terms and meanings:

Moulting: Shedding feathers 

To heft: to lift (something) in order to judge or estimate its weight.





What's in the garden, What can we cook,

Let's have a look in Stephanie's Cookbook.

I've finally managed to get the students walking to the kitchen. (Well maybe you'd call it a really fast stride, bursting through the door excitedly!)

"What are we cooking today?"

"Stephanie's Broccoli Carbonara." I reply

"Can we make the pasta?"

The children love making pasta. Weighing the ingredients then working in a team, they produce beautiful whole wheat fresh pasta ready to throw straight in the pot. 

This week we used 6 of the girls' eggs to make 3 batches of pasta. We used  8 yolks and 1.25kg of broccoli for the Broccoli Carbonara. 

Never throwing out the egg whites after Shakira's statement last year, "There must be something we can do with them!"

We now always make meringues, perfect for practicing the skill of separating eggs, this can be messy.

Interesting terms and meanings:

Separating eggs: to separate the yolk from the white.


Nikki Dixon
Kitchen/Garden Specialist
Bungwahl  Public School